IBN Tools

What are IBN TOOLS?

Eight different plastic tools make up the IBN TOOLS. There is a different tool for the six types of restorations, a Tissue Management Tool to always remind you of the different components that make up Implants by the Numbers and a Universal Tool for larger measurements.

IBN TOOLS  show you the safe zone for all the implant restorations listed below:

  • Posterior Screw Retained 
  • Posterior Cement Retained 
  • Anterior Screw Retained 
  • Anterior Cement Retained
  • Bar Retained Removable
  • Hybrid Restorations
  • Tissue Management 
  • Universal 

Restorative leadership in implant dentistry has never been more important. The implant team is counting on it, but it rarely comes together in a way that makes a difference in the outcome for the patient. Finally, we have useful restorative information that keeps us in a safe zone and provides efficient treatment planning for all types of implant restorations. A tool that begins the discussion which helps the implant team discover what each implant site requires for an ideal outcome.